Assistant Beauty Therapist

Assistant Beauty Therapist
Eligibility: 8th pass | Duration: 12 weeks
Course overview
Master skills and techniques required to perform basic depilation, manicure, pedicure and basic face care services and also assist the Beauty Therapist in providing advanced services.
Aligned to industry standards specified for Assistant Beauty Therapist, BWS/Q0101.
Prepare and maintain work area -preparing the equipment, products and work area ahead of service delivery to ensure the efficiently and effectiveness of conducting treatments considering the standards of operation of the salon
Provide basic skin care treatment -provides Performance Criteria, Knowledge & Understanding and Skills & Abilities required to provide facial skin care / face clean up treatment
Carry out basic depilation services -to carry out waxing and threading services
Perform manicure and pedicure services – Clean and remove dead skin and callous from hands and feet and improve the appearance of nails
Assist the Beauty Therapist performing beauty services – Abilities required for assisting the Beauty Therapist in providing various services
Maintain health and safety of work area – Maintain a safe and hygienic environment at the work area
Create a positive impression at the workplace -Ability for individuals to meet the personal grooming and behaviour requirements, execute tasks as per the organization’s standards and communicate/record information in order to create a positive impression at the workplace

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